Jun 21, 2008

A new post, a new day

Before anything else – explanation. In the last post I dared you to guess what was in a certain picture. Now it is time to explain it. As I said before it has something to do with my Birthday.
At that day, Iris surprised me after Lunch with muffins, candles, greetings (part of them from Israel – thanks again Yael & Offer – You are awesome), and a present from my parents (a new watch – I really like it! you can see it in one of the pics in the last post). It was very exciting. So as I said, it was after lunch, so we wanted to eat the muffins. I blew off the candles, and we took a bite. Than we looked at each other with a funny look… I said to Iris – "we ate the paper, didn't we??" we didn’t think about it, but there was some paper at the bottom. This is the picture – the papers with the bites on it… I hope it is at least a bit funny when reading it… it was very funny at the time.

One more thing about the day at the museum - I don't know why we didn't take a picture of it, but there was an amusing thong on the outside - Dog's toilet... It was about 1.5m*1.5m of a small concrete wall, and inside a small sand box... a place for the dog poop, and for the owner to be with him.

Now, back to the post…

A day after the museum, we decided to go to Kokusai Street – the main street in Naha, where all the tourists' shops and the market are.
I have already mentioned the street, but that day was a bit special… I don't know why. The road was closed for vehicles, and there where some street shows – Magic, Juggling, and as you can see, Traditional Ryukyu Dancing.
Also, the kids were painting on the road, which was very cute.

What else?

Just a bit about our life at the moment… so you will be updated (the events I wrote about are a bit old…)
Iris is here for a month and a bit. We finished all the papers with her, and her Visa's fine, so that is good. She started learning Shodo – Japanese Calligraphy, which is very cool. Also, she joined a group of students who practice Belly dancing from a Russian teacher (who studies Japanese with me). Yup, she is learning Belly dancing from a Russian teacher in Japan… a bit absurd, isn't it?

I am still working on my Japanese… I am getting a lot better, but I am very far away from being even close to fluent. It is a bit frustrating. I do understand almost 30% of what is going on in my Sensei's class… it is much better than the absolutely nothing that I understood in the first few classes.

In the Karate Dojo everything's great – I am practicing hard – about 4 times a week. There is an international Gashuku (training camp) here on July, so we practice extra hard at the moment – the Sensei wants to show that the Honbu Dojo (Main Dojo) is the strongest…

Another nice thing – I started playing the flute again. I met a nice French guy (apparently there is such a thing) who plays the guitar, and we meet once in a while and play together. It is really fun getting back to that.

Well, that is it for now.

Miss you all, so say something and let me know you are alive…



Eli said...

מאוד צבעוני ומשמשע עם לאכול את הנייר, אני יודע שזה לא תרוץ אבל כשחשבתי על יום ההולדת שלך (ולשלוח לך משהו) כבר היה יומיים לפני היום הולדת... אבל אני עדין זוכר את הכתובת שלך :)
הסרטונים שהעלתה אני חושש שלא עובדים, אני כדרך הגב התקבלתי חלקית ללסלי קולג' לתואר שני בריפוי באומנות

שיהיה לך המשך יום נהדר

Yiftach said...

נשמע אחלה!
מוזר לגבי הסרטים...
לי הם עובדים; אנשים אחרים - תגידו לי אם זו בעיה כללית או שזה לא עובד רק לאלי...