Jul 15, 2008


Hi all.
Sorry for not posting lately, our computer is not working that great - I am working on fixing that (might need to format it ):
One other thing - I think that starting from next post I will write in Hebrew. I have lots of reasons to do that, exactly as I had good reasons to write in English.
So, starting from next post, this will be a Hebrew blog (unless I will get lots of requests to keep it in English...)
Say what you think.


Dror said...

how about Japanese? it won't improve your rating, but will be cool!

מיכאל said...

english - not bad
hebrew - good
yes, no, clutch, breaks, ect.
yes, hebrew is good

eli said...

היי יפתח ואיריס.
אין לי ממש דעה בנוגע לאנגלית או עברית רק רציתי להגיד שממש כיף לקרוא אותו.
אחלה שאתה מוסיף תמונות.
ואני מקווה שתצליח לסדר את עניין המחשב .