May 7, 2008

Dragons and stuff

Monday was a real cool day.
I went to a traditional dragon boat race called Hari.
These boats are quite long, containing lots of people that row, and a guy that gives them rythm with a small metal drum.
It was a cool site. I took some pictures with my cell phone. I promise to upload them once I will be able to. (it is not a great quality, though).
Besides that, it was very nice there - lots of booths of food and games (good prizes in those booths - Wii, PsP, PS3... but not much chance of winning... yes, I did try...).
Besides that there were two stages with all kinds of nice shows and dances and stuff. All in all, had a real great time.
After that I went to the Dojo and practiced for about 3 hours. It was self practice because it was a holiday (children's day, if you must know) so there was no practice. But it is OK to come and practice by yourself...
Beside thaat, I don't really have much to tell.
I want to do something for Independence day this evenning. Hope I will manage to.



Eyal said...

יום עצמאות שמח!!!

תמשיך להינות...

Yiftach said...

Thanks :)