May 15, 2008

This is great!

Finally, Iris has arrived (on Tuesday) - that is also why I didn't post for a while - was very busy.
I went to the airport to meet her there, by the time we got home, we were quite hungry, so we went eating, and then right to bed... It is quite a long flight, and she had lots of stops, so she was beat...
Yesterday we had quite a day as well - went shopping for the house - all kinds of small things, and also bought a table (at last) and a microwave-oven (we will get them only tomorrow or something like that).
I guess tomorrow will be quite a day as well, since we are going to start handling all the visa things for Iris.
I am thinking of doing a bone-fire on LAG BAOMER, hope it will work out fine :)
That is it for now... I know my posts lately are much less exciting, but what can I do - I started to get used to life here, and most of the things are just routine and normal, but in Japanese (which is getting better... but still not great at all.) so I don't have much to write, sorry.



Eli said...
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Eli said...

מזל טוב לשניכם :) !!!
מה שאתה אומר זה הגיוני אבל בכל מקרה יהיה נחמד לשמוע מה קורה ואך הכל מתנהל שם
מעבר לזאת ברכותי על היכולת לכתוב בעברית אף שלא נראה שאתה צריך את זה כול כך ותמשיך להינות

ilana said...


I think it was quite expected that the blog started with a lot of enthusiasm but with classes, and training, Japanese bureaucracy and domestic life, the blog will not be up there on your agenda (Not by choice of course). But please try to keep it up! (I would suggest that you set a time for it in your weekly schdule). As to finding new and exciting things to write about, what seems routine and normal to you is extraordinary to your readers, so keep that in mind. Even a trip to the Supremarket or Kombini could be interesing!
Ganbatte, ne!

Ilana :-)

Yuval said...

Hi Yiftach and Iris!

Yes, yes.. there's always a first time :)
Happy to hear you two are finally together again (and that you finally have a table to eat on :).
Like reading your blog so keep it up.
So go ahead and show these japanease what a holiday really means (good luck finding marshmallows there) and good luck with all the bureaucracy things you have to take care (hell, in hebrew I can't do it around here...)

Take care,

Yiftach said...

Thank you all for commenting.
It is a good idea setting a day for that - I hope I will manage to do that.
I think tomorrow I will have more time for a real update, and probably with pictures!!!
Have fun,