May 3, 2008

It has been a while

Sorry for not writing... I have been a bit busy.
On Thursday I had a day trip with my class (not the Japanese class, but the one of my Sensei). We went to Yambaru - in the northern side of Okinawa. About two hours drive. The trip was great - the view in the way is really beautiful, and the area itself is cool - a very thick forest. all green... very nice.
After the trip we went to a Nomikai - literaly, a drinking meeting. These meetings are held in Izakayas - a Japanese bar (if you really have to know it literaly means A store that has Sake...). These Nomikai thing is not like hanging out. First of all, our Sensei also came (and it is a normal thing to happen...), besides that the idea is that everybody orders whatever they want, and usually people take care that you won't have an enpty glass, and in the end the bill is split equally. It was real fun (and real long, too - about six hours I think) and it was a real good practice for my Japanese, and also an opportunity to make some new friends.
Then came Friday. I moved to a new place!! Since Iris is coming in a week and a half (YEY!!) and the dormitory room is not fit for two (and anyway it is male dorms...), I rented an apartment. It is quite small, but much nicer than what I remembered. The problem is, that it has nothing in it. And I do mean nothing. So far I bought a fridge and gas heater (KIRAIM) and a some kitchenware and stuff. But I still don't even have a table to eat on... I eat on the floor ):
If talking about floor - you should know - Japanese houses are floored with a wooden parket and with Tatami - straw mattresses. The Tatami in my apartments have just been replaced, so they are new and it is real nice, since they have a very nice odor.
Something problematic though - for some reason I have no hot water! The way it works here is with gas, and I don't know why, but it doesn't heat the water... They fixed it yesterday, but then when I came back from the Karate lesson, I had only cold water :( So now they are going to try and fix it again, which reminds me that I should go soon, to meet the house owner (which is quite nice by the way...).
So that is it for now, I believe I will post again soon, since it is holiday until Tuesday, and I don't really have a lot to do...


Eli said...

בהצלחה !, אין דבר כזה לקנות כל מה שצריך כשזה מדגיע לבית אך בשעה טובה !.
מה החג שיש לכם שם כדרך הגב ?

Yiftach said...

This week is what they call 'Golden Week' they have a few national holidays that they put together - Day of the constitution, Children's day, Greenery day... Nothing too interesting - but there it is vacation time ;)