May 4, 2008

The little things...

I was asked to write about the little things in life here, so here I am, doing as you please:

What do I eat?
Usually I eat at the University cafiteria, which is quite cheap... if not I either eat at some soba place, or buy a Bento.
Now, you must ask yourself, what are all these words???
Soba - some kind of noodles. There are basically three kinds of noodles - Ramen, Soba and Udon. Here in Okinawa they have Okinawa Soba, which is a bit different I think, and what they put in it is quite unique for Okinawa.
Bento - A lunch box - very popular in Japan - buying some food in a box. There are lots of kinds of Bentos - with Sushi, Tempura, Rice, and all kinds of things.
At special occasions I go to a nicer place and eat something a bit more expensive, like Sushi or Sashimi...

What do I do most of the day?
Well, usually I have a class at some point of the day. I go to the computer room, to get online. Obviously I go to Naha about four times a week, to practice at my Karate Dojo. I also go to a meeting of the juggling club about once a week (there are two meetings a week, but they tend to be on the same time as the Karate). Sometimes I go out with friends from the Karate.
At my spare time I usually just walk around, learning the enviroment, or studying - doing homework, reading the classes again, memorizing words, etc...

How is my Japanese?
Well, it is getting better. With the studies, and living here - I try to speak and listen as much as I can, it sure is getting better. I still don't speak fluently (or even close to that) but I usually understand what people are trying to say to me, and can express myself in a limited way. It is getting better though, I can deffinitly that my Japanese is much better than it was a month ago.

Who are my friends?
I think that at the moment my best connection is with the guys from the Karate. I have some friends from the classes, and from the juggling club, and ofcourse there is Junko, but at the moment I dont really have any close friends that I can just pick up the phone and call them when I am borred...

Hope that satisfied some of your curiosity...
If you have more questions, feel free to ask, I promise to try and answer.


עופר said...

נחמד.. חשבתי שאתה בנאה, אתה במקום אחר וצריך להגיע לדוגו כל פעם ?
איך אתה מגיע, אוטובוס? יש הרבה והם נוחים כדי להסתובב באזור?

אני בטוח שאתה יכול לחשוב על עוד דברים לפרט לנו, רובנו לא יודעים כלום על מה שהולך שם, ובטח יש כמות יפה של הבדלים בתרבות..
טוב, בקרוב תכתוב גם על איך הולך לאיריס, ויהיה לך עם מי לדבר עיברית (והרבה יותר כמובן) אז זה טוב..תהנה ותעדכן!

Yiftach said...

Well, Naha is the central city. I live in Ginowan (and until recently in Nishihara - very close to each other) these cities are satelite cities of Naha, so I need to take a bus - it is not that comfortable, but not that bad (but a bit too expansive to my taste...)

John said...

I live in Ginowan also! Please contact me!