May 26, 2008


Lots of people asked me what we eat here... so this post is dedicated for this issue!
First of all - I told you about Bentos - so here are some pictures.
This is the way it is sold in the supermarket:

Some close ups of the things we bought:

About a week ago, Emily, a girl from the Filippines that studies with me, invited Iris and me to a dinner with her friends. It was lots of fun - very nice guys from all over the east - Thailand, Singapore and obviously Japan. We had lots of fun, and the food was cool - on the table they had a grill, and they gave us meat, chicken and vegetables, and we roasted it by ourselves. Tasty and fun.
Here are a couple of pics:

Emily is the the second one in the right row (she is behind the girl with the white-flowery shirt).
There is only one Japanese in the photo - can you guess who it is? (BTW - it is hard even if you were there - most of them speak great Japanese even though it is not their native tongue).

One last food story (no pics this time) - we went to a nice place yesterday, and ordered some dishes that we didn't know. This is the best way to get familiar with new stuff...
The tables in this place have a warm plate in the middle of them, to fry things (a bit like in the previous place, but different). After a few minutes the waitress came with a few dishes and asked us if we want her to make the food. We said yes, obviously, because we had no idea how to make it... it was cool - first of all she fried some chopped vegetables, then did a circle out of the vegetables, and poured some kind of sauce in the middle. Then she mixed it all, flattened it, and put dry noodles on top. It was cool, we really enjoyed it (and it was tasty too...) but we didn't take photos... it didn't feel right. Next time we will do it by ourselves, and maybe then you will get to see it :)

That is all for now.


offer said...

נראה טעים, נראה מגניב - אבל נראה לי שאני צריך מינימום 2 כאלו להיות יחסית שבע..

Yiftach said...

כן, אלה לא היו הכי גדולים - יש יותר גדולים ולפעמים זה יותר משביע ממה שזה נראה...