Apr 18, 2008

A few things...

First of all, happy Passover everyone!

This will probably be one of the strangest holydays I ever had, as I am going to do it with the the only Jewish community in Okinawa - in the marine base Camp Foster! I hope it will be nice... Actually, I am sure it will be nice. (Just hope I will manage to get there without too many complications).

This week was the first one of my studies! I have four Japanese courses, and one more course with my professor. The Japanese classes are going fine - hey fit my level I think. The professor's course, though, is a bit out of my league... He wanted me to take it in order to practice my Japanese and befriend some Japanese students. I hope it will go well - I didn't understand a thing from the first lesson. The nice thing about this course is that we will go on May 1st to a day trip in the northern part of Okinawa... It is supposed to be the day I move to the appartment, btu I hope it will be fine anyway.

One last thing - In one of the previous posts I said that Yamashiro sensei is the one that teaches when Higaonna sensei is not around. I was wrond - Yamashiro is the head of another Dojo in Okinawa, Kuramoto sensei is the one that teaches.
If you want to see how the dojo looks like, who is Higaonna, and who is Kuramoto, look at that Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wD7LH92TDuA
Kuramoto is the guy with the grey hair. I must say the dojo looks much bigger than it really is on that video.
If you like martial arts, you should watch this series - it is real nice (although the two American guys are a bit dumb sometimes). It also have an episode about Krav Maga in Israel! Yey us!

So keep in touch, and don't hesitate to write comments. it is really nice to know that somone is reading what you write - I am trying to answer each and every one...



Eli said...

ווכן , אני קורא תמיד, גם אם אני לא מגיב, משהוא כמו לקרוא מייל פעם ביום:) אולי נוכל לעשות פרויקט מעבר לים?, לא יודע מה או באיזה הקשר כרגע, אם יש לך רעיונות אשמח לשמוע.

מעבר לזאת, הסרטון חביב, אתה לא נמצא שם נכון?, עלה לי רעיון מגניב, תעלה תמונות לפייסבוק וגם שם תשמור על קשד - ניתן להגיב להן וכדומה.

חג שמח ,אלי

Yiftach said...

I have no idea about a project at the moment, but it could be a good idea.
I want to upload pics to facebook, but I need to thimgs for that - a camera, and my computer... although I might do something with the phone camera.
And no, I am not on that movie... it was filmed about 2-3 years ago.

Eyal said...

חג שמח יפתח!!
תמשיך להינות... ולכתוב...
בהצלחה עם המעבר דירה... מצאת כבר ריהוט?

ומתי איריס מצטרפת??