Apr 15, 2008


I had a really great weekend!
After the practice at the Dojo on Saturday, Tifity (sorry if I misspelled it) - the New-Zealand guy, asked me if I want to join him, Brent (Australian guy) and Ryoko (Brent's wife). They were going to Nago - Tifity's home. Nago is about a hour drive to the north from Naha city.
Being very spontanious here in Okinawa, I accepted the offer, and joined in. Tifity's blue "Ferrari" is very small. So small that two persons cannot fit in the back seat - so I set in the rear... it was actually quite comfortable - Tifity arranged it with mattresses and stuff... real nice.
So... after getting to Nago we were starved - didn't get to eat after the practice. We went to a restaurant, and then to his house - where we set and talked until 6 am... I didn't do that for quite a while.
On the next day we went to the beach, after waking up to a fruit shake that Tifity made - Delicious! I have to say - the beach is fantastic! Extremely beautiful. We ran for a whie, got into the water... you know - the things you do on a beach. I got some sun burns though )_:
After that we went to a place called Pineapple Park. Guess what it is about - bzzzz - correct - PINEAPPLES.
It is a really nice place, with a nice garden, and then a huge store of trillion things made out of pineapples. And the greatest things - free samples!!! I ate and drank so many things made out of Pneapples, it was crazy. But oh, so tasty.

That's it for now, I am going to meet Gabe sensei, so he will sign some papers for the appartment...


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