Apr 11, 2008

First practice

Yesterday was a real nice day - I decided to finally go to the practice at the karate Dojo here. For those of you who don't know, the master of the karate system I practice (GoJu Ryu) lives and teaches here in Okinawa. I didn't really know when the practice starts, so I took a bus at 14:30. That was a mistake - I got to the city at about five - to discover that there was no one in the Dojo. So I walked along the main street, trying to spend time (and trying not to spend too much money ;) At about five I went to the Dojo again. Luckily - a student just came to talk to Higaonna Sensei (The Master {Dramatic sound effect}) so I joined him, met the Sensei, and gave him the present my teacher from Israel sent with me (if someone from the dojo in Israel reads this - tell the sensei he seemed to like it...). I also got the important information of when is the class - 20:00. I had to walk for three more hours! Ok - I managed to do that - and finally, I went to my first practice at the Higaonna Dojo. It was a great practice - at the beginning, Yamashiro sensei (he is in charge of the Dojo when Higaonna is not around) was the one to teach. We did mostly basic drills - but lots of them! It was quite exhausting. After a while Higaonna sensei came in and we started doing Kata - he also explained lots of stuff - it was real interesting and inspiring.
Besides that, I met in the Dojo two nice guys - An Ozzie and a Kiwi. Obviously, I had to ask them if they saw Flight of the Conchords - They Didn't! Too bad...

About the apartment - I already found one, and starting to make the neccesary arrangments in order to rent it - it is quite difficult here in Japan.
First of all - the payments - in the first month you have to pay:
- This month's rent.
- Payment to the real estate agency (it is the way to find apartments here) - as the sum of a monthly rent.
- 'Thank you' money for the owner - again - as the sum of a monthly rent.
- Deposit - you know it - as the sum of a monthly rent. It is refundable, though.
- Also, fire insurance is needed.
In addition - I need to got someone to be my guerentee (I am sure I wrote this wrong) - so I need my professor to sign some papers for me. Oh, yeah... it also costs some money...
So basically - the first month takes all of your money.
And I almost forgot - there is no furniture at all - no refrigarator - NOTHING! So if I had some extra money - here it goes...

Thats it for now.
Take care,


Eli said...

good for u abut the karate class!! , im shor its' inspayering :)
what about the ''Flight of the Conchords'' ? .

haw is the neighborhood? , are there any interesting pleases to go? did u met in the meantime any other immigrants?

israel said...

תחפש רהיטים יד שניה
אני קניתי הרבה דברים יד שניה מזרים שעזבו את טאיוואן ומכרו את הדברים שלהם (תחפש כאלה שעוזבים בקרוב, ככל שמועד הנסיעה שלהם מתקרב ואין קונים לרהיטים שלהם המחירים יורדים דרמטית)
אני בטוח שתוכל למצוא מקומות של דברים יד שניה שיהיו סבבה
שמח לקרוא שאצלך הכל בסדר

Offer said...

Do you see hebrew font?
Anyway, great that you started practicing so quickly, makeing the most of your time there, and the high level that you could probably only find there..
Good luck getting stuff for your appartment, we thought about buying you a refrigirator for a going away present, but it seemed too heavy - who knew youd really need one later?
So anyway, start blogging more details..where do you eat?what & how is it? what do you do all day now? and between classes? met any other forigners or locals you connected with? magic players?
keep updating!

Yiftach said...

First of all - I have no problem reading Hebrew.
Besides the guys from the Dojo, I didnt connect to any other foreigners yet, although I did meet some. (No Magic players yet).
Flight of the Conchords is a real nice TV show from New Zealand.
And Israel - thanks for the advise!
I will try to be momre specific next time...