Apr 6, 2008

Just a small thing

Well, I thought I should mention it - because my name causes whole lot of trouble to the Japanese (and actually to every non-Israeli...) I started using my middle name - Raphael. Much easier for everybody. The problem is - I have to feel all the formal papers with three names - that get very long in English (actually in Japanese it is a bit shorter)...

Good day all,
Yiftach Raphael Govreen (see... I told you it is long!)


Anonymous said...

welcome to my life... i had to add a middle name since i didnt even have one, heh. -Shachar

Eli said...

well i don't have an midell name bat i hait to use may full name - ELIYAHO because of i believe that a name have a mystical mining for its owner - and i am NOT eliyao.