Apr 9, 2008

News from Okinawa

Well, the last few days were kind of fruitful (no, no adaptor yet...):

I finally met my professor - Gabe sensei. He seems real nice, but messy like hell. when I entered his office I had no room to stand. Really. All the floor, shelves, desk and everything is filled with books!
He is trying to make his group of students (he has a few other students he advises for graduate thesis and PHD - Junko is one of his Graduate students...) a group, and wants us to talk and consult each other. I like it - it can be useful and interesting. Well... at least after I will know Japanese better.
So it seems I start studying next week - a few Japanese classes and one with my sensei about American policy I think (this class will be in English).
Cool thing happened yesterday - as I went to take a shower - which is outside the building, but close to the dorms central building, I saw a bunch of people doing all sorts of juggling. I stayed there for a few minutes, and then one guy asked me if I want to try as well. I agreed. After a while they went to a dinner together, and invited me as well... I agreed again. And so it seems I joined the juggling club. It was not in my plans, but what the hell - why not? I have time (at least now...).

That is it for now...


Eli said...

sensi is AKA professor or doktor ?

Eyal said...

So did you had your shower or not ;) ?

What about an apartment? Did you start to look for one? how do you look an apartment there?

- Do you understand what people talk to you in Japaneese?

Yiftach said...

Sensei is an honorary suffix for every sort of teacher - my advisor - Gabe Sensei, is a professor, and my Karate teacher is not, but he is still a Sensei.

I did go to the shower, although it was raining - so I had a double shower ;)

I did start looking, and even found one. Now I have lots of arrangments to do in order to rent it.

And if the people I am talking to is patient - doesn't speak to fast and is willing to repeat what he is saying, I understand most of the simple things, and some of the more complicated ones. I am getting better, though, and my Japanese classes will start next week, so I am quite optimistic...

Eyal said...

what kind of arrangments you need to do to rent it??